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App for the kids

Easy gift list

Do you often you heard "Daddy could you buy this toy" ? Do you often forget about this toy ? Would you like your kids to have the best gift ? Well, Kidilist is here to fullfill that

Let your kids choose their toys, share the list and gift them.

1. Take a picture

Your Kid can take a picture anywhere he find a toy, TV, papers or stores.

2. Share it

Check the toys list and share it with your facebook friends

3. Gift them

Every friends allowed can choose the toys, it will be notified to everyone

With your child, take a picture or scan gifts he wants to receive

You can share the Kidilist with your famiy member (and even with Santa Claus)

Everyone can choose the gift he will offer

Help us to make a better app

Are you a toy store, a toy creator or a toy designer ? Help us to give to kids the best toys.
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