The application for children that makes life easier for adults!

Do you often hear: “daddy/mommy will you buy me that toy?” from your children? Don’t you always remember? Do you want to avoid your child receiving the same toy several times.? kidilist is made for you!

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The application for children that makes life easier for adults!

An easy-to-use application that can be put in the hands of children thanks to a tailor-made and playful space

Secure access is available for parents to allow them to further use the application.

Available in several languages and on all download platforms. Our application is designed for all mobile and tablet users.

An application for children,
accessible and comprehensive in its thinking

Create an event

the application allows you to create as many Kidilist as you need.

Add a gift

Once the Kidilist is created, the child or parent can simply add a gift using the camera. It is also possible to add a gift via a QR code or from a search bar.

One-click booking

parents can select the gifts they wish to buy and see who has booked the different gifts.

Create a group gift

For larger gifts, your loved ones can book gifts together.

Find all your invitations

Parents can discover all the Kidilists you are invited to directly in the application. When you are invited to a Kidilist you can now discover the gifts photographed.

Let your children choose their toys,
share their list and spoil them!

Create a Kidilist and then let your kids take pictures of all the gifts they want. It's easy and the Christmas list is ready in a few clicks
Access the Parents' Corner and allow your Facebook friends to access your children's Kidilists. They can then choose the gifts they want to give!
In your Kidilists, find all the gifts for your children that have been reserved by your friends. Reserve your gifts and find them in your shopping list.

Download Kidilist

The application for children that makes life easier for adults!

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Frequently asked questions

To make life easier for parents and to make filling in the list of children even easier, Kidilist allows you to scan the barcodes of products. So when you're in a toy shop with your child, you just scan the barcode of what he or she likes, and it's on the list. You can also import photos from your device, or from websites you find while browsing
In addition to creating a simple list of toys or objects, Kidilist also offers a handy tool that creates internet links. Thanks to a photo recognition system, Kidilist can find the sales page of the toy on partner websites and add it to your list. This way, people who wish to offer the object will only have to click on the link to buy it online.
Your feedback is very important to us. We therefore invite you to contact us directly via our customer service so that we can correct these problems as soon as possible

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